Why you would choose Serviced Accommodation over a Hotel

Why you would choose Serviced Accommodation over a Hotel

Short let, or serviced accommodation, allows you to occupy a beautiful holiday home or spacious apartment bringing a sense of peace that the comfort of a home provides. Although hotels are often seen as the obvious choice when seeking accommodation, they come with a number of hidden costs. Serviced apartments or homes, not only work out as a more cost-effective choice, they are spacious and comfortable, maximising productivity whilst providing all the comfort of feeling at home when you are actually away.


Serviced apartments have fully fitted and equipped kitchens, allowing you to save on costs by self-catering, or giving you the option to go out and explore the nearby restaurants and cafes.

Ideal meeting spaces – You can use their apartments as meeting spaces, saving on transport costs and time.

Our serviced apartments offer unlimited broadband.

Basic rates are usually lower than hotel rates.

Freedom and Flexibility

You have so much more space and room to move, which allows you to set up your own work area, creating a productive environment in which to work from.

Having your own kitchen and dining area allows you to entertain, whether it be for business or pleasure.

Not only do our serviced apartments create separate working, eating and sleeping areas, you will find the size of our apartments to have generous living space.

You will feel like you are in a home away from home.

You will have greater privacy, allowing you more relaxation.

Renting a 3 bedroomed house allows for 6 people to all stay together under one roof, creating more interaction between guests and a playful feel.


Hotel restaurants are renown to be expensive, and the room service menus are generally quite limited.

A hotel usually offers only one room, unless you request a suite which will be a lot more expensive. Meeting in a room is cramped and not ideal.

There may be an extra cost involved or availability only in certain areas of the hotel.

Basic rates are usually higher than serviced accommodation rates.

Freedom and Flexibility

Rooms are rather cramped and without the freedom of space, one is usually cornered into working on top of the bed, which is never ideal.

Rooms are not ideal for entertaining, which means entertaining outside of the hotel which would in turn will be costlier.

Unless you have booked an expensive suite, your sleep and work space will be one of the same.

You will feel like you are away from home ☹.

Interruptions from Housekeeping and the front desk are always a possibility.

Again, unless you book an expensive suite, rooms will be limited to 2 people sharing, and having to pay for 3 rooms will certainly be pricey, not to mention the lack of interaction between guests travelling in the same party.

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