Why Choose A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel?

When it comes to accommodation, you want to be as comfortable as you possibly can. You also need it to be convenient, with everything you require readily available. 

Normally, tourists stay in hotels or bed & breakfasts because when travelling, you don’t usually stay in one place for too long. This type of accommodation is perfect for short stays, but when you need to stay in a city for an extended period, but with the same comforts as a hotel, what is the solution? 

Serviced apartments are! Not only do they have all the luxuries of a hotel, they are a lot more affordable as a long-stay option. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should choose a serviced apartment over a hotel or any other form of lodging for that matter. 

The amount of space

If you’re looking to book accommodation for a prolonged period, you really don’t want to be staying in a small hotel room, or worse be sharing a space with strangers. It’s tolerable for one or two nights, but if you’re going to use the place as a long-term base for work, you need the room. 

With a serviced apartment, you’ll get just that because they usually include a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Some of them even have one or two separate bedrooms. It’s a great choice because it makes travelling easier for those on a trip with families too, with many apartments sleeping up to 5 people. 


You don’t have to scrimp when it comes to where you’re staying. When on vacation, or travelling for work, a big factor is how much you spend on accommodation. 

Serviced apartments allow for luxury accommodation without the obscene price tags that come with hotel stays. On top of this, you have the option of self-catering, and self-service. So, you can purchase your own toiletries, cater for yourself and save a lot of money!


A serviced apartment has the potential to be your home away from home. You can host your guests in privacy, with comfortable furniture and in a completely relaxed, personalised atmosphere. 

Having all living necessities in one personal space will give you peace of mind and a major sense of privacy as you won’t have to worry about sharing your space with anyone else. 

All our apartments include an en-suite bathroom too, so you have full privacy. Additional benefits also include a DVD player, music system, and Wi-Fi.

Centrally Located

When travelling, it is crucial to stay near local amenities like shops, public transport, and restaurants, because when away from your home city, you probably won’t have a vehicle. The beauty of this is that you’ll able to walk to the train station or bus stop which is an incredible way of exploring a new city. 

You’ll also be able to have a good time and not have to worry about paying high fees for a cab.


In comparison to a hotel, you’ve now got absolute privacy, more space, self-catering amenities and now another added benefit in the form of weekly or daily housekeeping services. 

Full cleaning, as well as daily linen and towel replacement services, usually come standard with serviced apartments, so you won’t need to worry about having to clean up after yourself, or wash any of the linen.   

However, this is an option, so if you’re happy to do it yourself, then just let the service provider know – that’s the beauty of a serviced apartment.


Serviced apartments are separate and exceptionally private. Even when it comes to cleaning services, no one can enter the apartment you’re letting if you haven’t let them in yourself.   

All visitors will also have to come through the security entrance which is guarded and surveyed 24/7 by CCTV, security staff, and a safe outer entry. 

At KH Homes, we provide incredible short-stay and long-stay serviced apartments which we like to believe can be as comfortable as if you were in your own space.  

Located in the beautiful and bustling county of Kent, our serviced apartments are in five of its major towns including GillinghamMaidstone, Rochester,  Chatham, and  Sittingbourne.

For more information on booking a serviced apartment in the Kent area, visit our website. 

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