Why book a serviced apartment?

Why book a serviced apartment?

So, you’ve secured a contract for a few months maybe longer and the pay is perfect, the only problem is that you live in Kilbride and the job is in Kent.

Lets look at your options….

  1. Book a hotel – The company’s paying for it so why not? Months of sitting in a little room every evening, fighting for the hash browns that have sat there for hours at breakfast nestled amongst that couples screaming child and the guy who clearly thinks deodorant is for posh people. Hotel bar with hotel prices and the fun little shampoos and body wash bottles that takes an age to get what you need out of them.
  2. Book a B&B – Over friendly host roulette, fingers crossed you get one that gives you your own space and you don’t end up feeling like you’ve moved back home with Mum and Dad.
  3. Stay in a camper van – Parked in a deserted layby with people trying not to make it obvious that they are having a nose whilst they go past but if you’re lucky the food van in the layby will serve up epic breakfast baguettes!
  4. Pitch up a tent – On the pavement outside your new place of work. Short commute. Wash in the local Weatherspoon, awesome breakfast though.
  5. Find your local serviced apartment company – Potentially a whole flat to yourself. The ability to cook your own breakfast and sit and eat it in your pants whilst watching the Tele (Can you tell that breakfast is an important issue to me?) No need to feign politeness, the housekeeper can come when you would like them to and you only need to have contact with the host unless you have an issue. Free wi-fi, 5 mins from shops and bars so you can eat out or do a shop and cook in the privacy of your own apartment. Some of our apartments we will also be able to give you free passes for a local gym if you’re that way inclined!

Obviously, I’m being overly harsh on options that aren’t a serviced apartment as I’m admittedly biased, but the benefits really do far outweigh the others if you are staying for more than a few nights.

If you can’t afford a whole apartment to yourself KH Homes also have Apart-rooms so you can share a house with other likeminded people and share a takeaway whilst catching up on the Walking Dead.

At KH Homes we strive to achieve the best experience possible for our clients so give us a shout and see what we can do for you!

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