Top 10 Things To do in Kent

Top 10 Things To do in Kent

Kent is an incredibly charming county in the UK which is located alongside the North Sea and Strait of Dover. The famed Garden of England is home to 26 castles and many historical landmarks which include the Canterbury cathedral; a church that boasts a remarkable 1400-year history.

This region is scattered with picturesque little villages from Godmersham and Chilham, to Biddenden and Aylesford. Kent is an extraordinary landscape truly worth exploring and is an ideal place for a family vacation. If you do decide to visit, be sure to check out some of our top 10 things to do in Kent.

Canterbury Cathedral Kent

Canterbury Cathedral

The Canterbury Cathedral holds 1400 years of Christian history. It is the Church of England’s front-runner and is a truly a magnificent place boasting an ancient gothic design.
It’s the main feature of Kent’s and all of England’s heritage sites and is also the site of England’s most famous murder – 1170, Archbishop Thomas Becket was killed here. We recommend spending an afternoon at the cathedral to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Dover Castle Kent

Dover Castle

In existence for over 2000 years and built to reinforce England’s most vulnerable point at the sea crossing to Europe, Dover Castle is a must see! It features the secret wartime tunnels and the Great Tower.

Again, try to spend an afternoon or full morning here as not only does the castle have many intriguing sites, but the views across the Channel to France will mesmerize you. The site has been in use for as many as 2000 years!

Turner Contemporary Kent

Turner Contemporary

Turner Contemporary is a hugely famous contemporary art gallery located at the seafront guesthouse where legendary painter JMW Turner used to live.

This is one of East Kent’s top spots. The artwork on display is emphasized by the massive windows looking out on to the ocean. The immaculate, shell-like building helps you understand what Turner was all about.

Down House Kent

Down House

This is the home of former of English naturalist, Charles Darwin. He stayed at Down House from 1842 until his death in 1882. This is where a great chunk of his life’s work was conducted,  including the Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.

You can visit his study Darwin’s study, where he did most of his reading and writing, as well as take a walk through the gardens and greenhouse, where you can see recreations of his outdoor experiments.

Sportsman Pub

Fronted by Whitstable-born chef Stephen Harris, Sportsman Pub is East Kent’s only eatery awarded with a Michelin star. Priding themselves on the use of local ingredients only, behind them lies the Thames Estuary which leads out to the North Sea, providing the restaurant with fresh oysters and fish, and in front of them, marshland, woods and fertile soils provide them with meat, vegetables, and game. This is a foodie’s dream – book in advance!

Old Kent Market

Old Kent Market

An indoor right on the beach! Another stomping ground for local foodies, there are eateries that span many types of delectable foods. Traditional cuisine from Singaporean, US diner-style food, to authentic Italian and great coffee.

Its main feature is a café built in a red double-decker bus. Visit on weekend afternoons to pass the time listening to live music and eating and drinking until your heart’s content.

Chatham Historic Dockyard Kent

Chatham Historic Dockyard

Ever been to the riverfront in Chatham? If you have, it’s historic dockyard probably holds a special place in your heart. On the brink of Unesco heritage status, it is one of the most perfect 18th-century docks on earth that is now a maritime museum exploring the Age of Sail.

This is one for the whole family as well-restored ships are on view, as well as a working steam railway.

The White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover

A truly iconic landmark, unmissable and offering awe-inspiring views, outstanding walks for nature lovers walk and a plethora of local wildlife.

The cliff’s face reaches a dazzling height of 350 feet – with a strong composition of chalk and streaks of black flint. You can either hike it and view the Strait of Dover or take a boat ride and view the magnificent cliffs from the water.

St Margaret’s Bay

St Margaret’s Bay

While you’re visiting the White Cliffs of Dover, be sure to check out St Margaret’s Bay. This is England’s closest location to France, and the point is beautiful and a mere mile further along the Dover’s clifftop trail from the South Foreland Lighthouse.

Here, you will come across the serene village of St Margaret’s Bay, a lovely shingle beach for the whole family to enjoy in summer.

Oyster festival Kent

Whitstable Oyster Festival

Another must visit community in Kent is Whitstable. Over a week in late summer, the village hosts a seafood, arts and music festival that offers a wide array of events including crab catching and oyster-eating competitions, the legendary “Blessing of the Waters” and a fantastic beer fest.

So, there you have it, Kent’s top 10 things to do in a nutshell!

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