The First Thing

Ever find yourself daydreaming in between video conferencing, cooking, homework supervision and your daily exercise? Thinking about those things that were part of your usual routine you used to take for granted before there was such a thing as lockdown, social distancing or travel restrictions – that you can’t wait to get back?

Having listed the places we can’t wait to visit when the lockdown ends and ALL restrictions lifted, we decided to ask ourselves "What is the first thing you'll do when you're finally able?"  Everyone mentioned a lot of firsts they planned to do, but when pressed to pick one specific thing, we were quite intrigued by the variety of their responses.

Check out the top responses below.

Kat: Go out and buy groceries myself. Since the quarantine started, I haven't been outside not even to go grocery shopping – mostly relying on delivery services for household items. The downside is that it costs more and sometimes you don't always get what you want (i.e. specific part of the meat or fish).

Rhia: The first thing that I’m going to do is meet up with all of my friends and have a big BBQ! There will be plenty of drinks, food and good music. I used to see my friends multiple times a week and with the weather getting warmer, I think the best thing to do when I’m able to see them again would be to have a big BBQ and celebrate lockdown being over by partying all night. As much as I love being able to spend more time with my partner as we are both working from home most days, it will be nice to see faces other than his soon!

Dee: The first thing I’ll do when I’m finally able to is to go for a very long drive somewhere in Wales and go on a holiday somewhere nice and quiet.  Since the lockdown started I have continued working very hard, sometimes even harder than pre-lockdown times and I’m really looking forward to going somewhere nice, quiet and very far away from everyone and everywhere else.

N: They say "basketball is life and everything else is an interruption" - being restricted from engaging in team sports or activities with people outside my household made me realise how true this statement is and how much I really miss being able to play the game I love. Prior to the lockdown, I couldn’t wait to finish work for the day on a Monday night and spend 2 hours playing with team mates, old friends and even random strangers. In a year when the world lost one of the greatest basketball players in Kobe Bryant, leagues suspended and everyone has just been reminded about the greatness of Michael Jordan, the urge to go out and play is almost unbearable.  If everything ever goes back to being the way it used to and should be, the first thing I plan to do will definitely be to pick up my basketball, lace up my shoes and hit the court!

So that's our list, everyone of us is experiencing some sort of difficulty during this period - especially with regards the things we've missed doing but we can look forward to things getting better in the very near future and life returning to some form of normalcy.

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