10 Best Places To Eat In Maidstone

We absolutely love a good meal! So, we decided to come up with our ten favourite places to eat in Maidstone. And yes, we’ll admit it, if we’re not in the office you can more than likely find us in one of these places! 

10 – Muffin Break 

Muffin Break is a great place to pop into when you want a quick bite to eat! They do very tasty paninis, and amazing muffins and cakes that we can’t get enough of. It is our go-to place when we get a sweet tooth. Sade is a big fan of the coffee cake and Rhia loves the chocolate muffins. It’s located in the Mall, which is very close to our Manhattan Heights and Riverside apartments – so if you happen to be visiting, tell them that KH Homes sent you! 

9 – Café Rose 

Café Rose is Sade’s go to place for a tasty sausage and egg baguette! Not only is Café Rose directly opposite our office, so it is the nearest place to go to grab a bite, but it is great value for money too. We recommend it to anyone who is staying with us in Maidstone, particularly those staying at Manhattan Heights (a seven-minute walk away) Sunny Terrace (a ten-minute walk away), but even if you are staying slightly further out of the town centre they deliver on Just Eat too! 

8– Deep Blue 

What’s best about Deep Blue for us is not only is it the office’s favourite place to get fish and chips in Maidstone, but it is practically across the road from us! We love treating ourselves to a Fish and Chip Friday and it takes us less than a minute to walk over there. We recommend the fish bites with chips and mushy peas (a favourite of both Rhia and Sade!) if you happen to be visiting us. Our closest apartments to Deep Blue are Manhattan Heights (only a seven-minute walk!), our Riverside apartments (an eight-minute walk!) and Sunny Terrace (only a ten-minute walk!). 

7 – Pizza Express Live 

Not your typical pizza place! The Pizza Express in Maidstone is in the heart of Maidstone town centre and is less than a ten-minute walk away from our Manhattan Heights apartments. This Pizza Express offers live performances of a wide variety of music, from blues to jazz to opera! There is live music performed every weekend, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music whilst indulging in their famous pizzas. Make sure you book before you go to ensure you have a seat!  

6– Creams 

If you have a sweet tooth, Creams is THE place to go! They have a wide range of desserts to choose from, including customisable crepes, waffles and sundaes. Located only five minutes away from our Manhattan Heights apartments, Creams is a great place to visit when you feel like treating yourself to something extra sweet. It’s ideal for friends, children, or the perfect place for a date with your sweetheart! 

5– Café Frederic Bistro 

This French restaurant is an amazing place to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner! They have an extensive selection of wines and cheeses to choose from, as well as an astounding menu. We recommend the baked Camembert and the sea bass as well as any of the homemade patisseries! We especially recommend visiting Frederic Bistro if you’re staying at our Riverside apartments as it’s only a five-minute walk away! An ideal place to have a romantic meal out, and a comfortable serviced apartment to come back to! 

4 – Five Guys 

A guilty pleasure of Dee’s - you can’t go wrong with a burger and fries from Five Guys! You get an authentic feeling American burger and a large helping of fries with every visit - which is why Sade recommends that you only order a small, as a small portion is enough to feed two people! The best thing for our clients is Five Guys is only a five-minute walk away from our Riverside apartments. The service is fast paced and high quality, so we had to put it on our list! 

3 – Bill’s Restaurant & Bar 

Bill’s is a great place to grab a bite at lunchtime. They offer good food at reasonable prices, complete with modern interior décor and very friendly staff. It’s rated 4 stars from 475 people on Trip Advisor and 4.4 stars from 582 people on Google. All those people can’t be wrong!! We recommend a visit to Bill’s - especially if you happen to be staying at Manhattan Heights which is less than a ten-minute walk away. 

2 – The Herbalist Bar & Kitchen 

The Herbalist is a team favourite of ours! It’s a great place to go for lunch or dinner (or if you’re staying at Riverside, it’s only a three-minute walk away - so you might as well!) as they offer a variety of options no matter what the occasion! We recommend their delicious halloumi fries that are a perfect extra to any meal, the fantastic king prawn linguine (which is gluten free!) and you can’t go wrong with their Kentish apple and pear crumble. What’s more is if you’re staying with us, you get a 20% discount if you decide to visit The Herbalist, so it’s worth the visit! 

1 – Buenos Aires Steakhouse 

Okay, Maidstone has a lot of fantastic places to eat out, whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a romantic dinner, or a business meal – Maidstone will have the ideal place for you! However, out of all the places that we listed, we must admit that our team favourite is the Buenos Aires Steakhouse, only a five-minute walk from our Riverside apartments. They have a fantastic menu, you can decide what kind of steak you want, how you want it cooked and what you want it to be served with. There are also fish options, salads, and delicious pasta dishes to choose from if you don’t fancy a steak! They also have wine tasting events (make sure you pre-book!) and to add to all of this – if you stay with us you get 20% off your meal! 

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