**Spinning through the 70’s and 80’s**

**Spinning through the 70’s and 80’s**

Every Wednesday Lordswood Leisure Centre, Walderslade hold a spin class like no other! Usually I dread the idea of spin classes and how tired and sweaty I feel after them but Lordswood have made me attend time and time again!

These spin classes are adrenaline pumping and exciting with 70's and 80's music classics blaring through the speakers, such as, Highway to Hell, Under Pressure and Another One Bites the Dust. The music is perfectly timed with spin routines and there are even those who sing along during their workout!

Located close to a number of our apartments The Pier 2, The Pier 3 and 67 Rainham Road, this is the perfect way to spend your evening!

I'm attending again this Wednesday, will you?

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