Safely Navigate Bubble Restrictions During Christmas By Staying With Us

Christmas is usually a time when we all like to get together with friends and family for lots of food, drinks and fun activities, but this year COVID-19 along with the restrictions imposed by the Tier system has us all rethinking our plans for this Christmas.

Recognising of the importance of the holidays, the UK Government and Devolved Administrations recently announced the easing of the current restrictions around social contact, allowing us form bubbles during the Christmas period. In the guidance, everyone is advised to continue to follow the rules in their tiers, however, the government urged everyone to take personal responsibility to limit the spread of the virus. 

Across the UK, the advice offered by the government varies from limiting the number of people in the bubble to limiting the amount of time spent with members of the bubble who are not part of your household – in England, the government allows up to 3 households form a Christmas bubble.

One piece of advice that stood out for us was around minimising the time spent within the bubble, keeping the length of visits short and avoiding overnight stays with the Christmas bubble.

A major dilemma faced by those of us that must travel within the UK in order to form a bubble with family during Christmas, is “how do I achieve all of the above while staying away from home?”. The only trouble is that most hotels, restaurants and pubs are closed especially in Tier 3 areas. 

For us at KH Homes we believe the best way to do this (especially the part above overnight stays) is to find a place to spend the night during the festive period – a place where you can feel at home while away from home – a KH Homes serviced apartment is exactly what you need and here are a few reasons why.

It will not cost you an arm and a leg!

Sure, finding reasonably priced accommodation during the Christmas holidays can be tough, especially when the options are limited. It is even tougher when trying to find one that can offer you all the comforts of home at short notice.

At KH Homes all our apartments are reasonably priced and we have several deals and discounts available during the festive period. There are no hidden costs or extras – the advertised rates cover everything that is available in the apartment including the highspeed internet access and parking! 

We are even more than happy to provisionally book you in for slightly longer than you expect to be staying in case something last minute comes up, and you can’t get home just yet. This saves the hassle of having to move to another apartment, you can just stay where you are without any worries!

All your favourite food can be cooked from the kitchen!

Can’t bear the thought of going for a few days without your famous mashed potatoes? Is your child a picky eater who will only eat things cooked a certain way? Awkward dietary requirements among the family? Worried about how to store and reheat some of the leftover Christmas dinner you brought with you? All these things can make you want to cancel that holiday altogether!

But have no fear, your fully equipped kitchen is here! All our properties come with everything you need to store and cook all your favourite meals. Not only does that mean you get to eat anything that you want, whenever you want, but it means that you’re saving a lot of money on eating out every day!

Wherever you stay with us, there are local shops no more than 10 minutes away, so in no time at all you can have your fridge filled with all your favourite food, with the freedom to cook what you want, when you want.

Room to run around!

Okay, I don’t recommend that you run around like crazy in our serviced apartments as you should still be respectful to your neighbours! But there’s nothing worse than coming back after your brief Christmas get together into and finding that your children are still full of energy!

When you stay in a serviced apartment, your children get their own room where they can play in and chill out, while you can sit back and watch TV, leaving them to their antics for a bit. You all have enough personal space whilst also being close enough for it to feel like home.


Our cleaning service is definitely the highest quality there is! They do regular rounds of our properties, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after every checkout and before every check-in – making them COVID secure before you arrive.

It’s your own home away from home!

With all the above reasons combined, why wouldn’t you want to stay with us? We offer plenty of space for the whole family, giving you your personal space as well as the feeling of togetherness.

You have the freedom to come and go to the property you’re staying at as you please just as you would at your own home, without the worry of not being allowed back in after a certain time like if you were staying in a hotel!

Comfy beds, plush sofas, and shops less than 10 minutes away… you’ll settle in perfectly as soon as you arrive, and that’s our promise. No stress, just rest.

Don't simply take our word for it. See for yourself, take a tour of our award-winning Manhattan Heights apartments below and book your next stay with us. From the whole team, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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