Sade - Chief Executive Officer

Sade Akinmejiwa

Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer at KH Homes, Sade is responsible for managing the Bookings, Housekeeping and Maintenance Teams. Prior to joining KH Homes in 2016, she worked on a Transformational Change project in the Middle East, as a Benefits Realisations and Change Manager delivering Clinical IT systems across 27 Hospitals.

Sade has lived and worked in South Africa, USA, Middle East and West Africa and loves travelling the globe for work and leisure.

Sade loves her food dearly and would only go on vacation to locations where she can just relax and eat at different cafes and restaurants.  She wonders though why she doesn’t put on the weight.

Did you know?

Weird thing about Sade.  She is noted for leaving her phone on top of her car roof and driving off.  She recovered her phone twice on a dual carriage way after using the Google phone locate App to find it.  On both occasions, the SIM cards were still intact.

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