Positives Of Being At Home

When the lockdown was announced and the government advise on what we were allowed to do during the period was released, my first thoughts were “Great! I don’t have to wake up early to get the kids ready for school, don’t have to leave the house early to beat the traffic on the way to work”. Working from home that was a once a week thing for me was about to become a daily occurrence! As far as my colleagues and I were concerned, we were about to live the dream for the next couple of months.

A couple of weeks in and the reality of having to juggle home schooling the kids and your day job while stuck indoors starts to hit. There’s no lunch break where you get to go out to grab a bite at any of our favourite places to eat, no coffee breaks to have a quick catch up with colleagues – just the monotony of doing the same thing every day – the only big decisions to be made are; what to eat and what to wear for the day, sound familiar?

Having raved about all the really great remote working tools we’ve been using, my colleagues and I decided to list some of the positives of being “stuck” at home during a global pandemic when a government advised nationwide lockdown is in effect.

Family Time

Being at home all day means you get to spend more quality time with the family. Breaks usually involve playing board games, solving short riddles on YouTube or planning the next treats we’ll be baking in what we like to call the Lockdown Bake Off (trademark pending 😃). Lots of great recipes on BBC Good Food – for the chocolate lovers, you should really try this chocolate brownie recipe.


Prior to the lockdown our main excuse for not getting some exercise was either not having enough time to go to the gym, or being too tired to workout at home after work. Now that there’s a lockdown, travel is restricted, the gyms are closed and we suddenly have loads off free time on our hands – what’s the excuse? The trick is to pick something you really enjoy and can do at home – time to dust off the kettle bells and follow some of the great workouts online or simply go for some quiet night time walks.

Home School

Teresia says: With two energetic primary school age kids at home, things can get quite unpredictable sometimes which really helps break the monotony of the day. Who would have thought being a teacher could be fun? Especially when the pupils are your children, you’re the Head Teacher and most of the school work has already been set by the class teacher on Google Classroom. The best part of the school day? P.E with Joe Wicks on YouTube. There’s something about playing hard with the kids just before your first meeting of the day that brightens up the rest of the day! Especially on Fridays when it’s fancy dress day.

More Time

Rhia says: I like the fact that my travel time from my bed to my desk has gone from one hour to one minute! I have more time in the day to work on my University assignments, more time to game with my friends and more time to get chores around the house completed. I have started working out from home as well, and my partner and I are going to daily runs which is something that we didn’t do pre-lockdown, so in a way lockdown has given us something new to do together and we are both working on getting healthier.

Less Hectic

Sade says: For me, my role since the lockdown has been up and down.  I’ve picked up the role of housekeeping and Service Manager rolled all into one.  There has been a huge demand for key workers requiring long term stay, therefore for the past 5 weeks, I have been checking guests in to properties, majority of them being long term stays between 28 – 90 days.  Liaising with housekeeping to supervise cleaning, taking extra care and ensuring thorough cleaning in accordance with the guidelines for  COVID-19 check list.

The long-term stays, means that we have a reduction in frequent check in – check outs, which then means I can get more time devoted to our lovely guests.  But then again, i work longer hours, because half of the day is spent working from home – doing admin work, making phone calls and organising new bookings.

I spend time on getting to know our key workers staying at KH Homes apartments, and attending to their requirements.  It’s great working differently and I look forward to each new key worker arriving at KH Homes’ property.

More Relaxed

Dee says: One of the main things I have enjoyed from being at home during this lockdown is the flexibility of starting my working day earlier and not having to drive all the way to work, about 10 miles away. Not having to deal with traffic jams is absolutely fantastic, and I’m a lot more relaxed now because of this. I’m still working though on finishing my day earlier so watch this space.

I have also now been able to use my treadmill more!  Unbelievably, this has been sitting in a corner not being used for the last 2 years but not it’s been dusted down and now being use by the whole family.  Considering that I have to pass through the kitchen to get to it I’m now planning to move it somewhere closer to avoid the temptation of grabbing  a snack when I’m heading to exercise 😊

There are definitely lots of positive things we've experienced during this lockdown, but the most important one has to be the surge in our appreciation of the little things we used to take for granted. As always, stay safe, stay at home maintain social distancing and remember to support our NHS.

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