New Habits

During our last virtual drinks session on Teams – one of our great collaborative tools – the conversation naturally flowed towards how the pandemic had impacted our lives. Most of us focused on the positives of being at home and the things we planned to do when the lockdown ends – then the question of new habits we’ve consciously developed came up.

Most of us have spent the over 2 months of lockdown stuck at home, taking extra precautions and doing things we wouldn’t normally do. One way or another, we’ve all been affected by the efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19. After the initial shock of being forced to go into lockdown by this unseen enemy, most of us have adjusted to the “new normal” that is social distancing.

Social distancing has caused most of us to adjust the way we work, relax and interact with others – be it working from home, standing 2 metres apart, wearing gloves and masks, cleaning our shopping before storing, obsessively washing our hands, updating our cleaning checklist – the list is endless. The truth is we have all unconsciously developed new habits without even thinking about it.

When we asked ourselves the question: "What new habit have you consciously developed?" some of the answers were quite interesting.

Kat: Not really a new habit but more of finally having the time to bake (cookies, cakes and bread), and made some desserts for the kids, tried making our own version of Dalgona coffee and homemade ice cream.

Rhia: This probably isn’t a good habit, but it’s one that I’ve developed nonetheless – I spend most of my days in pyjamas! It’s comfortable, and it’s somewhat ideal as I have more pyjamas and lounge clothes than work clothes! Coming back to the office has been refreshing though, as it’s nice wearing proper clothes again, and I don’t feel as lazy. I promise that I won’t show up to work wearing my Pokémon pyjamas!

Dee: The new habit I’ve now developed is running a lot more than I used.  Every day now I’ve tried running a minimum of 5km and I’m looking forward to continue doing this even after lockdown.  I enjoy this a lot more, mainly as a form of exercise and as a way of relaxing.

N: I wouldn’t exactly call it a new habit, more like consciously try to stay committed to an old one that had been dropped somewhere along the line. Since the lockdown started, I’ve tried to make sure I exercise everyday – by either weight training in the garage or going for 5 mile walks. Prior to the lockdown, my main excuse for not getting some exercise was either not having enough time, or being too tired to workout at home after work – not anymore I guess.

So that’s our list, guess the big question is “Can we sustain these habits after the lockdown ends?” No one knows, but we all agree that we’ll definitely try our best. Stay safe.

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