Mich - Bookings Supervisor

Michelle “Mich” Pimentel

Bookings Supervisor

Michiko is the one she desires to be called, which was derived from her Japanese family name. But with 0.01% of it in her blood line, she is a proud Filipina. 

In her early age, she chose to work, funded her study and graduated with the help of a scholarship. After which, help her to gain experience in Hospitality Industry overseas.

Changes in culture was never been easy, but she adapted it seamlessly. Running for half a decade in a 4 star hotel give her a chance to be upgraded from a Trainee to an Executive position.

Happiest her was her family and friends best words to describe Michelle. As she loves to talk to people, share secrets without judgement and giggle with them like there is no other days.

Did you know?

She once experienced racism due to language barrier, but it became her inspiration to learn that language.

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