Lockdown 3.0 – The End Is Nigh

The final week of February began with the Prime Minister announcing a roadmap out of lockdown coming exactly a week after the mandatory quarantine facilities, we mentioned in our last blog, welcomed their first set of “guests”. If the stories in the news are anything to go by, the experience of being cooped up in a room for 10 days is not something to look forward too – especially when you’ve paid for it using your hard-earned money.

The great thing about the roadmap outlined by the PM is that by mid-April 2021, “Self-contained accommodation ….., where indoor facilities are not shared with other households, can also reopen” - in other words, serviced apartments – which means that KH Homes will be able to continue to accept holiday bookings for stays after the date mentioned in the government’s roadmap. Great news for everyone; right?

With the end of the lockdown in sight, we thought it would be nice to talk about some of the things we look forward to doing and places we plan to visit once the milestone dates come round and things begin to return to normal.

March 29

After the schools re-open on March 8th, the next major milestone to look forward to is the re-opening of outdoor sports facilities. If like me you're tired of being stuck indoors and really love the outdoors, then the opportunity to engage in some form of organised sports activities. Being a fan of the game of basketball, I’m positively itching to hit the court and show off my best Kobe Bryant imitation buzzer beating jump shot. Prior to the start of the pandemic, I couldn’t wait to finish work for the day on a Monday night and spend 2 hours playing with teammates, old friends, and even random strangers.  If things ever go back to being the way they used to and should be, I definitely plan to pick up my basketball, lace up my shoes and hit the nearest outdoor court! This time around, I plan to be very selective and exercise lots of caution when I go out to play.

April 12

Apart from the re-opening of hospitality venues and self-contained accommodation, for holiday lets, by mid-April indoor leisure facilities like gyms will also reopen (but only for use by people on their own or in household groups)! This is great news, especially after what has been a somewhat lazy winter when most of us either abandoned our home gym equipment or struggled to survive during the lockdown. After experiencing the hassle of having to bring out then remember to put away the weights, kettle bells and benches, the opportunity to actually be able to go to a gym where all you have to worry about is motivating yourself to get there is welcome. Just remember to wipe the equipment before and after use. Another thing of note is that, by this date, the government expects to receive a report from a taskforce set up to review global travel – which continues to be prohibited save for a small number of permitted reasons.

May 17

By this date, the government expects there to be an easing of the current restrictions around meeting family and friends outdoors. The first thing that I’m going to do, once the restrictions are lifted, is to finally meet up with some friends and family for a big BBQ! There will be plenty of drinks, food, and good music. I used to see my friends multiple times a month and with the weather getting warmer, I think the best thing to do when I’m able to see them again would be to have a BBQ and celebrate lockdown being over especially as Christmas was more or less cancelled at the very last minute. As much as I love being able to spend lots of time with my partner and children as we’ve been working and schooling from home most days, it will be nice to hang out with other people.

June 21

The final step on the roadmap! If all goes according to plan, by this time the government would have announced, or be in a position to announce, the removal of all legal limits on social contact. By this date, it is expected that all business activities and premises would be allowed to re-open and restrictions on large events and performances eased. All this comes just in time for the summer! Whilst the government has not given an indication on the easing of international travel and holidays abroad, due to concerns relating to the risk of imported variants, it is highly likely that there might restrictions on visiting certain popular summer vacation destinations.

The easing of the lockdown doesn't mean we should forget everything we learnt about social distancing, we can at least look forward to the summer holidays with increased optimism. As we all begin to plan our summer vacation, rather than plan a trip abroad and further expose yourself to risks outside your control, why not consider a staycation instead and contribute towards boosting the UK economy.

Kent is a great place to visit, with lots of family friendly attractions and activities. If you do decide to visit Kent and are looking for some comfortable self-catering Serviced Accommodation in Kent, Click Here for more information.

During your visit, please remember to stay safe, play responsibly and follow the social distancing rules in place.

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