How to Enjoy Your Business Trip

How to Enjoy Your Business Trip

If you regularly travel for work, you’ll probably be of the view that it can be quite tedious at times. Even though people usually prefer travelling for leisure as opposed to travelling for business, this outlook has a lot to do with your mindset. It’s easy to let the tight schedules and crowded aeroplanes cloud your idea of what a business trip is all about.

Sure, you’ll most likely be in and out of meetings during the day but business trips can also be used to discover a new city and its culture. Think about it, each place has incredible food spots, bars, landmarks and activities. Why not view your trip as an adventure? As an opportunity to learn about a different way of life? In Kent, business trips can be a world of fun, so here are some essential tips on how to make the most of your regular visits.

Pack right

The trick is to pack quite lightly, but still bring along some of the essentials to make your work trip better. Think earplugs for catching some sleep on the plane, or when sharing a room with a snoring colleague. You’re going to have to balance leisure clothes with work clothes, but we recommend shopping for some new clothing in the city you’re visiting. This is a great way to explore the place, too. If you’re visiting Kent, be sure to check out some of the many independent and boutique stores for some unique gems!

Enjoy the food

When setting up meetings with clients, why not let them know that you’d love to have the meeting at their favourite eatery or restaurant? Explain to them that you’re only in their city for a few days and would love to experience the best places from a local’s perspective? This will break the ice and make the meet up a little more exciting. After all, there aren’t many more enjoyable things than good conversation over a good meal.

Also, make an effort to do some pre-trip research on the best bars and eateries in the city you’re travelling to and dine somewhere different every night you’re there. Just because you’re working during the day, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun at night! We recently wrote a blog on the 6 best restaurants in Kent, so before you go on a Google search, have a look at the places we reviewed first.

Immerse yourself

If you can, try to add an extra day to your trip for truly immersing yourself in the city’s culture. It’ll make the work part of your trip more bearable as you’ll have a day off to look forward to. This is where you can go and see all the interesting sites the city has to offer or even spend some time in nature.

If you’re visiting Kent, you won’t even need to do any research when building your itinerary because we’ve already done that for you with our article, “Top 10 Things to Do in Kent”. From viewing the wondrously beautiful White Cliffs of Dover from a boat to exploring the Age of Sail at the glorious Chatham Historic Dockyard, we’ve included our absolute favourite ways to spend our time in Kent.

Stay in a serviced apartment

One of the main things that can put people off business trips is the accommodation aspect. There’s no place like home and sharing a small hotel room with a colleague can be a bit awkward and at times, unpleasant. We all need our own space.

Have you considered a serviced apartment? This is an amazing way to make your business trip as comfortable as possible. At KH Homes we have accommodation available in four of the region’s major towns, with our apartments ranging from 1 to 2-bedroom accommodation in the hearts of each of Kent’s towns for the purpose of convenience.

Read more details on our serviced apartments, or simply get in touch with us for booking enquiries.

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