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It's the winter half-term! Finally a welcome break from homeschooling the kids while working from home. But with it comes the never ending dilemma of what to do and where to go to keep the kids occupied for a week during lockdown. In pre-covid times the go-to plan was either a short trip to a sunny destination abroad or a series of day trips to local attractions. 

These days with the risk of exposure to you and your family to circumstances outside your control, along with the prospect of a mandatory 10 day quarantine at a government Managed Quarantine Facility (which we have issues with) at your own expense on your return, the smart move would be to consider things you can either do indoors or locally.

In this blog we list some of the things you can do with the kids this half-term in Kent.

Learn More About Local History

Did you say "more learning!" It's always fun to learn more about where you live especially if you’re staying in Medway, such as Rochester. Rochester is full of history, and is home to many stories, and is very closely tied with the famous author Charles Dickens. It is also a great distraction from everything else going on, so we highly encourage you to learn about the local area! Kent has a very rich history and intriguing facts that makes for great trivia questions and quizzes especially for the kids. Ever wondered why Kent is called the Garden of England? Google it, we'll wait 😉

While you're at it why not plan your summer vacation and make it a staycation this time. You could even visit Kent, there are lots of fun things to do during the summer.

Go For A Walk in The Park

It's been 6 weeks of trying to perfect the art of juggling home working and homeschooling indoors, trying to find the right work - life balance, never ending homework and tasks, countless hours of screen time for both the kids and parents and all your breaks are spent trying to hurriedly prepare meals for the family. Most weekends are spent either dashing to the shops to buy essentials or doing chores around the house. 

If you were lucky enough to also get some time off this half-term, then why not spend some hours outdoors. There are lots of activities to do outdoors, one of which is going for walks in the park. If you live in Kent, then why not take advantage of the "Garden of England" and explore the several parks of Kent

Whatever Wednesday

After starting the year living a very regimented life of homeschooling and home working, having a day of doing whatever you and the kids want is always a great way to loosen up and have fun. Just imagine a day with no structure, no work, no school and no set routine. 

Wake up when you want to, select your favourite series or movies on Netflix or Disney+ or whatever streaming app you have, order some takeout from your favourite restaurants (who knows you might even discover a new local favourite) and just kick back and have some family friendly fun!

Bake With The Kids

Being at home all day means you get to spend more quality time with the family. What better way to spend the time than baking with the kids. You could have you own mini Lockdown Bake Off (trademark pending 😃) and make lots of fun treats that the kids will love. BBC Good Food has some really great recipes you can try. Did we mention that it's also Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) this week? Everyone loves pancakes! For the chocolate lovers, you should really try this chocolate pancake recipe.

Look Up Homeschooling Resources

If you're like some of us that are stuck working from home during this half-term, chances are you'll be looking for some homeschooling resources to keep the kids occupied while you try meet deadlines, attend team meetings. Unlike during term time when all you had to do as the parent is make sure they’re engaged and submit their classwork on time. Without the structure of the organised lessons and access to the online resources from the school, a great alternative would be some of the other local learning resources that are available online. 

In Kent, the Maidstone Museum has a collection of great learning resources. The educational team at Leeds Castle have also created some awesome guides and teacher's notes that are guaranteed to keep the kids engaged while you focus on work.

So that’s our list, hope you found it useful. If you do decide to visit Kent during the summer and need some Fabulous Family Serviced Accommodation in Kent, Click Here for more information. Hopefully most of the country's population would have received the coronavirus vaccine and some of the attractions will have reopened with some social distancing measures in place. 

During your visit, please remember to stay safe, play responsibly and follow all the social distancing rules put in place at the attractions.

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