Fionna - Revenue Support Analyst

Fionna Gonzales

Revenue Support Analyst

Her name is Fionna, but her friends call her "FiFi." She is the second child out of 4 children, and they are all girls. She took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management at De La Salle University- Lipa, Philippines. So, how did she get into Hospitality Industry? She was a Marketing Intern at Agoda Philippines way back in College. She got hired as a Reservations Assistant as her first job in one of the destination resorts in Batangas, Philippines, and the rest is history. Now, she is part of the Business Development Team of Kasar as a Revenue Support Analyst. Ultimately, her core objective is to maximize the revenue generated by selling our serviced apartments.

Fun Facts about Fionna:

She is an extrovert, but she enjoys her time alone as well, and she considers it sacred. She loves listening to a podcast and watching Netflix series (K-Dramas). She also loves spicy food, and chili garlic with calamansi is her favorite condiment. Her favorite workout is Bicycling, and Volleyball is her favorite sport. She is an emotional person, but she rarely gets mad. She is super in love with dogs as she has five dogs, namely Eros, Gorio, Paloma, Britney, and Barry. Lastly, she loves traveling so much. It gives her the peace of mind and healing that she needs. It also allows her to share new and meaningful experiences with her friends and loved ones apart from the new adventure and good food. 

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