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👉 2021 - The Year of The Staycation
👉 Mandatory Quarantine - Why Hotels?
👉 Property of The Month
👉 Special Offers and Discounts

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2021 - The Year of The Staycation

The prospect of going on a vacation outside the UK took a significant hit after the government announced that people travelling out of the UK will need to prove that it is for essential purposes, while those returning from "red list" Covid hotspots would have to probably quarantine in government-provided hotels.  

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Mandatory Quarantine – Why Hotels?

In our last blog, we mentioned that the government was planning to introduce a mandatory quarantine for travellers returning from “red list” Covid hotspots in efforts to combat the import of new strains of the COVID-19 virus into the UK. 

Whilst the plan appears to be a step in the right direction, the only draw back is that the government intends to use hotels as Managed Quarantine Facilities which begs the question; Why hotels?

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Property of The Month

Our staff and randomly selected guests have chosen our Pier 5 Apartment in Gillingham as the property of the month. Situated in the city of Gillingham, Kent, this 2 bedroom apartment offers guests stunning views of the Medway river and boats on the waterfront. The awesome views are perfect for the holiday maker in search of that instagrammable travel photo. Take the video tour to find out more.

Special Offers and Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts from our local partners all year round. Offers only available when you book with us directly via our site.

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