7 Reasons Why Holiday Makers Use Serviced Apartments

So you're planning a holiday and are running through your checklist of things to do - Destination - done, Flights - done, Dates - done, Accommodation....undecided.

Where to stay during your holiday is often a tough decision to make - hotel vs. serviced apartment. To help make the right decision, we've compiled 7 reasons why holiday makers use serviced apartments.

Room to run around!
Okay, I don’t recommend that you run around like crazy in our serviced apartments as you should still be respectful to your neighbours! But there’s nothing worse than coming into your hotel room, from a long and busy day of travelling around the city and finding that your children are still full of energy! And they don’t really have the space to unwind, or any privacy to play by themselves for a few hours – so you’re the one having to put up with all their noise! Surely you went on holiday to get away from all of that?

When you stay in a serviced apartment, your children get their own room where they can play in and chill out, while you can sit back and watch TV, leaving them to their antics for a bit. You all have enough personal space whilst also being close enough for it to feel like home.

No waiting around to check in!
Picture this; you get to the hotel, and it’s been a long journey so you’re tired. Your kids are restless. You want a shower. One of the kids is hungry, another needs the toilet, and Nan needs a nap. But you need to wait around for ages to check into your room because there’s five other families in front of you, and they want to know what time the breakfast hall is open. One of their baby’s is crying. One of the couples are arguing over who forgot to bring the booking information. It’s utter chaos and you can’t move else you’ll lose you place in line.

Phew, nightmare, right? You don’t have to worry about that with us at all! No queues, no chaos, just let us know what time you’ll be getting to the property and we can either check you in, give you details as to where the key is, or you can pick it up from the office! We won’t make you wait around and will always make sure that you get to your property as soon as possible.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg!
Sure, a last-minute holiday is a fantastic idea, but good luck trying to get a hotel room at a reasonable price a week before you leave! And I wish you even more luck if you decide to extend your stay at a hotel at the last minute because they will likely be all booked out!

With our apartments, we are more than happy to provisionally book you in for slightly longer than you expect to be staying in case something last minute comes up, and you can’t get home just yet. This saves the hassle of having to move to another apartment, you can just stay where you are without any worries!

Oh, and let’s not forget the sneaky hidden costs that a lot of hotels have. By the time you’ve paid for Wi-Fi (that everyone else is using, making it incredibly slow), breakfast (that has limited choice, strict times, and has been sitting on the side for hours) and paid for that overpriced taxi that’s going to get you to the nearest airport or station you may as well kiss your holiday money goodbye.

We would never do that to you. All the costs are given to you upfront and are included in the price. That means you get all the Wi-Fi you need without having to fork out an extra £50, you can access TV channels and services such as Netflix without paying any additional costs, and all of our properties are located near public transport links so there is no need for an overpriced taxi!

All your favourite food can be cooked from the kitchen!
Can’t bear the thought of going for a week without your famous mashed potatoes? Is your son a picky eater who will only eat things cooked a certain way? Awkward dietary requirements among the family? All these things can make you want to cancel that holiday altogether!

But have no fear, your fully equipped kitchen is here! All our properties come with everything you need to cook all your favourite meals. Not only does that mean you get to eat anything that you want, whenever you want, but it means that you’re saving a lot of money on eating out every day!

Wherever you stay with us, there are local shops no more than 10 minutes away, so in no time at all you can have your fridge filled with all of your favourite food, with the freedom to cook what you want, when you want.

We are a call away, no matter what you need!
We pride ourselves in having amazing customer service. We will be there for you no matter what the situation is, or what time of day it is.

Can’t figure out how to use the TV? No problem! We will send someone over to have a look for you. Oven is confusing? Not an issue! We can explain how to use anything over the phone. Is there a day you’re staying with us that you’re not doing anything? We can let you know what local events are happening and recommend places for you to visit and eat!

Our cleaning service is definitely the highest quality there is! They do regular rounds of our properties, making sure they have a fresh smell and a clean feel to them for when you’re back home!

With our amazing girls at Broomsticks, you get the best of both worlds. The homely feeling mixed in with a hotel-like cleaning service!

It’s your own home away from home!
With all the above reasons combined, why wouldn’t you want to stay with us? We offer plenty of space for the whole family, giving you your personal space as well as the feeling of togetherness.

You have the freedom to come and go to the property you’re staying at as you please just as you would at your own home, without the worry of not being allowed back in after a certain time like if you were staying in a hotel!

Comfy beds, plush sofas, and shops less than 10 minutes away… you’ll settle in perfectly as soon as you arrive, and that’s our promise. No stress, just rest.

Take a tour of our award winning Manhattan Heights apartment and book your next stay with us.

From the whole team, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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